Youth Exchange
7-16 September 2019, Naples
The Culture.World.Diversity. Youth Exchange is going to bring together 30 youngsters from 6 different countries (Spain, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus) to raise awareness about discrimination and connected to it human rights with a main focus on Gender and LGBT rights.
Participant profile
Motivated to join
Age 16 - 25
Motivated to disseminate and share results of the project and gained knowledge
Can communicate their ideas in English
Eager to explore different cultures and work with methods of theatre
Coming from Ukraine/Russia/Germany/Italy/Belarus or having a valid residence permit to live in those countries.

- To increase awareness of social and individual human rights and foster intercultural competence of participating youth;
- Share ideas and come up with solutions against discrimination in participating countries;
- Get to know about the European Values, especially (value of human rights, diversity and respect and tolerance to different cultures)
- Improve social and civic competence, increase civic engagement of youth;
- Increase the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
- Share cultures and learn from diversity which young people are going to encounter during the project, as well as diverse experiences they are going to share;
- Learn how to communicate differences, which young people encounter in their everyday lives so that to form a base for appreciation and celebration of diversity;
- Provide a networking opportunity for youth and form a base for creation of future international activities between youth from different countries;
Project Work
During the youth exchange the participants are going to work together using creative and interactive methods of non-formal education with a focus on theater methods such as the "Theater of the Oppressed" of Augusto Boal. During meetings with stakeholders and civil society activists, young people will have an opportunity to have dialogues with those working directly with the topic of discrimination and human rights. They will share their cultures, master their competencies and learn from each other. As a result, they are going to develop a Forum Theater performance on the topic of the exchange.
Food and accommodation
  • We will be accommodated in a group house in Naples. We will live all together, spread into country-mixed rooms. Each room has showers and other facilities available (such as dining room, workshop room, etc.). The accommodation is covered by the organisation.
  • We will have 3 meals per day + two coffee breaks in between the activities. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The costs for the food are covered by the organisation.
  • With this project we cover food and accommodation expenses, as well as travel costs (up to 180 EUR for Italian Participants/ and up to 275 EUR for participants from Ukraine, Spain, Russia, Belarus); + the project covers visa expenses (up to 70 EUR per participant)
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