Dramatize! Training Course about Theatre Methods in HUMAN RIGHTS Education
25 August - 3 September 2019, Ukraine
The training brings together 30 Youth Workers, Youth Leaders, and Youth Trainers active in the youth field and willing to build their skills and capacity to develop quality initiatives and educational activities to promote human rights. They all have diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. Countries involved: Cyprus, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Russia
Participant profile
Motivated youth workers, youth leaders and youth trainers active in youth field
Over 18 years old and you already have experience leading workshops and you like to advance your skills an competences.
You like to develop yourself addressing human rights and related topics using methods of theatre and performing arts.
Able to communicate and express their ideas freely in English
You are eager to collaborate with other participants of the project or with organisations in future USING the methodology you will learn
Coming from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Belarus or having a valid residence permit to live in those countries.
The main aim of this project is to raise awareness about creative ways of addressing the Human Rights issues, as well as improve competencies linked to the professional profiles of Youth Workers, Youth Trainers and Youth Leaders with an emphasis on the Social and Civic Key-Competences in the field of Human Rights Education, which includes ability to participate effectively and constructively in one's social and working life and engage in active and democratic participation, especially in increasingly diverse societies.
During the Training the participants are going to work together using creative and interactive methods.

Methods and Methodologies which you will learn to work with: Theater of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal), Improvisation Theater (Keith Johnstone), Scenic Writing (Lorenz Hibbe), Biografical theater (Maike Plath), Didactics in Theater Education (Anklam, Meyer, Reyer), Body Movement and Dance (Butoh); Playback Theater.

In addition, we will have various discussions and debates on contemporary human rights issues and how we could address them in our communities using the language of theatre to create spaces for dialogue.

There will be various opportunities for the participants to share their cultures, master their competencies and learn from each other. As a result, the participants will develop their own workshops about human rights using methods of theatre they learned.
Trainer, Coach and Performing Artist
Trainer with 7 years of international experience in the field of non-formal education, design and management of social and educational projects. She fluently speaks 7 languages and travels around the world implementing artistic and educational initiatives. She mastered her trainer's competences in theatres and organisations of Latin America, Europe and Asia and brings together traditions of various continents to design her workshops.

Drama Pedagog and Trainer
Drama teacher from Germany, where she studied theater education. Together with Oksana, they have been implementing various educational projects about human rights since 2015. She worked in different countries of Europe, as well as North- and South America. Her primary focus is in drama methods and their use in the daily life. Additionally, she uses drama methodology to work with theatre groups at penitentiaries and psychiatric institutions.

Food and accommodation
  • The venue at mountains will help us connect to nature, as well as to each other on a deeper level. We will accommodate participants in rooms of 4 and 5 participants each. We will arrange transportation from major nearest cities to our venue.
  • We will be accommodated in a group house in Ukraine. We will live all together, spread into country-mixed rooms. Each room has showers and other facilities available (such as dining room, workshop room, etc.).
  • We will have 3 vegetarian meals per day + two coffee breaks in between the activities. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. The costs for the food are covered by the organisation.
  • With this project we cover food and accommodation expenses, as well as travel costs (up to 90 EUR for Ukrainian Participants/ and up to 275 EUR for participants from Germany, Italy, Russia, Cyprus, Belarus);
NOTE, There is a participation fee of 50 EUR which will be deducted from your travel costs.
Want to Join?
Contact the partner organisations before you apply to check out whether there are free spots

Miriam Weinzierl: culture.world.me@gmail.com
Anna Dalosi : sealcyprus@gmail.com
Carmine de falco : info@componibile62.org
Anastasia Baskina: anastasia.baskina@gmail.com
Oksanka Thykovska: magdalenatheater@gmail.com
Aleksandra Dikan: Dzikan.al@gmail.com
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