Fostering human rights education
Designing Spaces for Dialogue about Human Rights since 2015
Our Vision
Inclusive society that respects human dignity and celebrates cultural diversity.
Our story dates back to 2015. Our founders, Lilly and Miriam were brought together by a shared passion for theatre and human rights. Together they started the Culture.World.Me organisation with a main aim to raise awareness about human rights, different cultures and art as a tool to explore and exchange that what unites us.
OUR MISSION is to create educational activities to foster respect to human rights and cultural diversity.

OUR PROJECTS aim to raise awareness about democratic values, human rights, as well as create a base for active engagement of youth in their communities.

OUR TEAM consists of youth workers, drama teachers, artists, who love to use methods of theater, non-formal education, LARP, storytelling, etc. in their work.

OUR TARGET GROUPS are of various age and background. We work with both youth and adults. Both, leaners and educators.
Culture.Wrold.Me. implements initiatives spreading their knowledge in the field of intercultural communication and human rights using interactive artistic and theater methods.

The main objectives of the organization are:
- Raising awareness among young people and adults about their role in the society and the need for to act in a positive way;
- Empowering youth and adults to change the world equipping them with various skills such as social and civic competence, the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, etc.;
- Encouraging youth and adults to develop their potential and creativity
- Strengthening the network of partners/organsiations whose goals are similar to ours and contributing to their capacity

Our greatest passion is nurturing respect to cultural diversity worldwide and contributing to an inclusive society with beautiful values of respect, collaboration and understanding.
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